Jem Cohen films the landscapes of cities.  Inspired by Vigo and Vertov, he has made over 50 films of urban places imbued by history and the imagined future.  At this year’s Festival del Film Locarno he received the Art Cinema Award for his new feature Museum Hours.

Cohen’s work crosses genres — documentary, music performance, experimental, narrative.  His cinema of the street and the everyday, shot often in flanneur style with a 16mm Bolex, has appeared at the Berlin Festival, the Museum of Modern  Art, the Whitney Biennial, the Viennale, the Edinburgh Film Festival, the London Film Festival and the Festival Dei Popoli in Florence.  It has been broadcast on PBS, the Sundance channel, BBC and ZDF/ARTE.  As an activist, Cohen led the successful overturning of proposed restrictions on street photography in New York.

On October 1st 2012 at  Kellen Auditorium he presented:

Amber City (1999)

Long for the City (2008)

Night Scene New York (2009)

Crossing Paths with Luce Vigo (2010)

For more information about Jem Cohen visit

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