“As [documentary filmmakers] we have a chance to make something that transcends straight [journalistic] storytelling. We have the opportunity to bear witness to incredibly messy situations and to interrogate our own placement with in that.”

-Stephen Maing

About Stephen Maing: Stephen Maing is a Emmy-nominated Brooklyn-based filmmaker. He is a Sundance Institute Fellow and recipient of the International Documentary Association’s inaugural Enterprise Investigative Journalism grant as well as a John Jay/Harry Frank Guggenheim Reporting Fellow.  His most recent feature Crime + Punishment, received a Special Jury Award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, was filmed over four years and chronicles the stories of a group of minority cops known as the NYPD12, an innocent young man stuck in Rikers and one unrelenting private investigator. He has directed films for the New York Times, Time Magazine, The Nation, The Intercept, TakePart and Field of Vision.

Doc Talk recorded September 17th at The New School

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