We’re incredibly excited to share that DOC NYC, the country’s largest documentary festival that takes place annually in the Fall, will feature five films by our recent graduates as part of the University Shorts lineup. Congrats to the filmmakers (Cacau Araujo, Tiffany Jiang, Moksh Krishnan, Zac Norrington, Jamila Yancy), their crew, the professors, and cohort members who provided support from start to finish.

This year, instead of grouping all of The New School films together as they have done in previous years, the programmers specially placed the films in thematic blocks. All of the short films, which will be having their world premiere and followed by a Q&A, will be available to watch online or in-person. The screening details and synopsis of each film can be found below. We hope to see you in the audience!

DOC NYC U: All About Love – Nov 10th, 11:30am @ Cinepolis Chelsea

Hare Krishna Consciousness by Jamila Yancy

Synopsis: A look inside the life of devotees at a Krishna temple in Brooklyn, including Chaitanya, who is training to become a monk.

DOC NYC U: The Artists – Nov 11th, 11:15am @ Cinepolis Chelsea

Chants of Freedom by Moksh Krishnan

Synopsis: Mir Suhail, an exiled Kashmiri artist living in New York, draws cartoons to further the endeavors for freedom of his homeland. As he learns the pulse of his new city he finds himself consumed with the quest for identity, independence, and belonging.

Crew: Harry James Dwinell, Nicky Quamina Woo, Ryees Amin, Tiffany Jiang, Priyanka Nagpal

DOC NYC U: Life in the Big Apple – Nov 11th, 4:00pm @ Cinepolis Chelsea

Engraved by Tiffany Jiang

Synopsis: Galvanized by devastating events early in their lives, two New Yorkers find ways to channel their grief into acts of kindness.

Crew: Moksh Krishnan, Olivia Hamilton, Harry Dwinell

The Great Find by Cacau Araujo

Synopsis: An exploration of the subculture of “stooping:” rescuing furniture, appliances, and other discarded household objects from the curbside of New York.

Breathe by Zac Norrington

Synopsis: In 1983, Julie Ridge became the first person to swim two consecutive laps around the Island of Manhattan. Twenty-five years later, she dives into her memories of struggling with bipolar disorder.

Crew: Tiffany Jiang

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