In her astonishing feature debut, Wang Qiong documents with unflinching and harrowing honesty her own fractured family, gradually revealing the personal and psychological effects of China’s one-child policy on the individual, the family unit, and women in society at large. At the center of the film is her sister, Jin, who remains profoundly affected by her biological parents’ abandonment of her as a baby after attempting to abort her. Adopted by her aunt and uncle, Jin resumed living with her birth parents as a teenager, yet the family remains embroiled in a legacy of trauma. Filming over the course of seven years, Wang moves far beyond the diaristic, capturing moments of vulnerability, joy, pain, and anguish with insight and delicate artistry.

Moderated by Lana Lin, Director of the Graduate Certificate in Documentary Media Studies. Co-produced with Documentary Program Associates: Cacau Araujo (Doc Studies ’22 & Media Studies ’23) and Tiffany Jiang (Doc Studies ’22 & Media Studies ’23).

Wang Qiong is a Chinese emerging independent documentary filmmaker and cinematographer now based in Philadelphia. Her debut documentary film, ALL ABOUT MY SISTERS, was officially selected into prestigious film festivals, including International Film Festival Rotterdam, New York Film Festival and BFI London Film Festival in 2021, and won the Pinkenson Local Feature Award at the Philadelphia Film Festival and the Jury Award for the best film at the Documenta Madrid International Film Festival. Qiong was selected into Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film in 2021. She recently completed her MFA in Filmmaking from Temple University, and is a recipient of a Princess Grace Foundation Honorarium, 2021. Qiong is currently working on her second feature length documentary, 岛DAO

Presented by the Graduate Certificate in Documentary Media Studies
School of Media Studies, The New School

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